Thursday, May 17, 2012

I'm Way Advanced at Embarrassing My Kids

So yesterday I went to pick up Gage from school and he runs over to me, smiling, and then looks at my shirt.  "Captain Crunch shirt, Mom?  Seriously?"  And he rolled his eyes and shook his head, and ran off to find some friends.

See, there's a long story about the Cap'n Crunch shirt.  A few months ago I ordered it from the back of a cereal box. 


I guess that story wasn't so long after all.

Another time Gage and I ran to the store to pick up a couple of quick things and it wasn't until I was in the parking lot, getting out of the car, that I realized I was wearing pajama pants and slippers.  And they weren't pajama pants that you could mistake for, like, yoga pants or something.  They were bright blue and pink with cartoonish owls all over them. 

"Oops, heh, heh--" I said, plucking at the pants self-consciously.  Gage glanced at me, closed his eyes, and muttered "Please no one look at my mom."

So I am mightily embarrassing sometimes. 

But I'm good at some things, like, sadly, laundry.  So I may embarrass them, but at least they have clean socks.

You know how last time I wrote, many moons ago, about my then-Current Philosophical Crisis?  Ever since that post I can't tell you how little that particular crisis has bothered me.  I mean, it's like, less than zero.  I think I either released somehow by writing about it, or I have passed it on to somebody else.  If it's the last one, sorry.

I don't have a Current Philosophical Crisis.

I've been busy!  I've been making things.  I've been making...

...vanilla extract



...soft pretzels of my kid on facebook

...large marble runs

...Thai coconut chicken soup.


Yesterday Josie told me: "Ghosts follow me."

I said: "Ghosts are pretend."

Josie: "Ghosts make me nervous."

Me: 'Tell them to go away."

Josie, smiling: "I tell them to go to Lila."

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Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

Yes, they are adorable! And so grown up. How did that happen?!?
I had to laugh about you embarrassing Gage. Life is hard when you're 6.