Friday, November 12, 2010

Some Random

* Our computer offed itself. I don't know how else to say it, except that it just gave up working...seemingly out of sheer exhaustion. Hence, no recent photos to post. Hence, not much time spent online. Hence, a new computer almost ready to go.

* My sister Ali suggested that I add a virtual Poetry Corner to my blog and has graciously offered the first submission. That will be up shortly.

* Gage is still finding his way in Kindergarten - it's been a more dramatic change for both of us than either of us expected. But he's hanging in there, and beginning to enjoy it more, and his handwriting is totally blossoming. He learns a new sight word every week, and is solid on at least ten of them so far. (I, am, we, can, go, like, see, the, play, and)

* Lila is completely in love with preschool and always looks forward to her time there. She's an eager and happy student.

* Josie is almost a year old (!!!) and she and I are, sigh, finished nursing. I had hoped to go longer but it just wasn't going to happen...for either of us. I have a lot of feelings on the subject that maybe I can go into in another, not-random post.

* Mike is busy, busy, busy working and doing side jobs and putting a fence in our backyard.

* I just watched the movie Temple Grandin and loved it, would definitely recommend.

* Tonight I am making twelve pounds of meatballs.