Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Nursing Josie

Josie is a very active baby. She has never wanted much to do with snuggling. When you hold her she constantly tries to sit up or arch away from you so she can watch everything happening around her. On the floor she can get wherever she wants to go...either by rolling, creeping or (new!) doing the inch-worm. She is always on the go, and rarely has the patience to rest with us.

All of that changes when it's time to nurse. Especially when I nurse her at bedtime, in her room, in a rocking chair, with the lights dim and the air still.

When Josie nurses it's like her body was poured into my lap; she's like an armful of sleeping kittens. She lets her eyes droop closed and she pats my skin with her far hand, knowing that I'm hers and she's mine. She rests luxuriously, and her head lolls on her neck a bit when she's full. She lets out a little hiccup and blinks several times, grins sleepily at me.

There's no better part of my day.

I love that I can provide for her, that my body is still sustaining her. Breastfeeding is a nice transition from pregnancy to full-fledged baby.