Sunday, February 6, 2011

Some Random

- Gage smacked his mouth and chin on the ice today and has a heck of a scrape. I feel awful every time I look at him. The poor kid is taking it like a champ, though, and not complaining at all. (When did he get so big?)

- Josephine fed herself from a spoon today, for the first time (the first time that she did it well, anyway). What was she eating? Chocolate ice cream. Apparently that's the trick, for getting a tiny little kid to use a spoon.

- Lila sat in the bathtub today, looked at me guiltily and said, very slowly and succinctly, "I did NOT just pee in the tub." Great! Well, then, let's carry on with your bath. Because there's NO PEE in the tub. Right.

- I had a dream last night that I went to a fancy restaurant and ordered "Deconstucted Mac and Cheese." I got a plate full of cooked, plain noodles, little cubes of cheddar cheese, and a shot glass full of milk. What does it MEEEEAN?

- Mike and I had a fight about who should park the car in the snow (we both wanted to) and now, hours later, he's all up in my grill whenever I breathe big (I'm sick! I have asthma! When I'm sick I need to breathe big!) he thinks I'm still mad. Dude. For the record, a fight over parallel-parking in the snow is only worth, like, ten minutes of rage. I promise. If two hours have passed, my sighing is only because of the cold.

- Tomorrow is Monday already. Whaaaaat!?